Vegetation, Gravity and Air of the Great Dinosaurs

A Brief Investigation into the Era of Dinosaurs

Carnivorous Dinosaurs to ek doosre ko maar kar khaate they,
Lekin Herbivorus Dinosaurs ka kya, unka plant diet kya tha?
Aur Generally, us Era ke vegetation aur plants kaise hote they?

Carnivorous Dinosaurs used to eat other dinosaurs, as they had their natural meal of their times. How about Herbivores? What vegetation did they have that time?

History of Plants of Devonian Period

Devonian Period: The Vegetation and Herbs of Dinosaurs

“Dinosaur” itself is a classification of species

A photo from Internet: Brachiosaurus Feeding Trees

If they brought back the dinosaurs alive from the movie Jurassic park, What about the vegetation of that time? of the Triassic, Cretaceous and Jurassic age? Where did they used to get vegetation from? I wonder why they didn’t bring that back from the past for dinosaurs.

I see a lot of cover on the Dinosaurs and animals and insects of that age, when Dinosaurs existed but no cover whatsoever on the plants and vegetation for the Herbivorous mammals, dinosaurs to take from. Because, if they bring one back alive, wont they need same kind of plant based food, millions of years ago from that age to support them? Its a matter of genome support (importance), and a period of billions of years to cover. Are there similar plants that exist today to support them? If yes, then determine what do they usually used to eat?

Like Triceratops, Ceratopsids, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus and others used to eat what different variations of herbs to nurture and support themselves and their young. Plus what was the composition of water of that time?

As I know: There was around 26% oxygen on earth that time, as I have read in an article in 2009. Today we’re down to somewhat 21%, big difference. It still fluctuated from Triassic to Jurassic (15%-18%). Might be there are other chemical compositions in air, water and some mud consistencies that helped them stand the environment of the Mesozoic Era. There is great research about that too.

Plus, Gravity of earth used to be quiet low for such gigantic massive creatures to survive and thrive during that era. Now today environment and Increased gravity supports people and species of today, wouldn’t it be failure for them to come alive at the cost of higher gravity. Wouldn’t it collapse them on their own structure? Imagine a Brachiosaurus today roaming our planet, Its bones being crushed badly.

There is a research that indicates that even humans were a lot taller and massive in height, in what we call age of giants before modern times, when earth had lower gravitational field, in which dynasties such as the Asuras, Rakshasas, Devas were describe d to be very huge and tall imposing figures of at least 12 feet tall during early age. It brings me to a conclusion that many ages ago Giants used to exist and they had huge massive mass to support them.

Water is a place when gravity can be cheated, so we still see a lot of huge creatures like the Blue Whale and other species thrive under the ocean to this day. Megaladon became sharks and Mosasaurus into crocodiles.

• Addition:
They say dinosaurs Died out due to the strike of an asteroid and the after effects of temporary toxic poisonous atmosphere of poisonous gases that followed.

But I suggest there’s another theory…

First of all, my question is: What about the sea creature dinosaurs, how did they die out? As they can’t be directly affected by earth land environment / atmosphere.

Secondly, I think the ones in the sea and also some on land adapted with time and gravity where evolved into new species. Evolution also played a factor as the gravity reduced itself over period of time as we know today. eg, The Deinosuchus and Sarcosuchus evolved into the Alligator and Crocodile, respectively.

Remember this: I am connecting this fact to the one that there were humans and other giants and everything else on earth was relatively larger and gigantic in size as found in evidences of ancestral species:

Mammoth, Saber tooth and other Feline; Giant lizards, Mammals like Bears, ram, horses, rat (rodents), etc.
and trees, and other Reptilian animals like crocodiles, fishes, whales, squid, etc.

A brief Article from Another post about what Dinosaurs actually as per in-depth insight. A very meaningful read.

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Now for a Treat

Imagination Story

Something about becoming a giant

There is a way to become a giant which I wont mention here. Someone uses some ancient natural method, enchantment to create a a life support bubble to go above gravity of earth to use potions and herbs to increase his size by some energy harnessing and come back as a giant return to earth to revenge on his planet. This is a trivial story.

This also makes me remember the Devas / Asuras / Daitya / Daanav who were a clan of Gigantic men who ruled the earth. Who roamed as giant among mankind someitimes good sometimes oppressing mentioned in history or lets say Mythology. I can’t write about them in negative, I want to be neutral but they were normal people with clan named Asura.

It always amazes me how the same people who stand up for the human rights curiously exploring the past, some of them defame their name based on their inhuman ways that were fought by few heroes. Otherwise there is no needs to defame any Giant or Asura in those retrospects alone. Fear creates more propaganda. Its only the thirst for true knowledge behind the psychological, mystical and scientific knowledge and for the truth that brings peace later. AS co-existence is something we must achieve with humanity and compassion.

— Sandeep Singh

I love nature and Exploration, for a better world. A deep insight into spiritual, scientific and creative aspects of Universe. have fun creating something