The Fury of Hippopotamus:

Observations on the mighty Hippopotamus of the African Wild!


all the African species I love — Crocodiles, Lions, Hyenas, Jaguar, Panthers, Leapords, cats, Zebras, Water Buffalos, etc. Hippos are the most unconventional creatures I have come across. After reading and studying these water “Amphibian” mammal creatures and I have grown to love and respect them. For the following Reasons:

For one:

They’re Water mammals! Never ever heard of a mammal that’s underwater, a Bizarre fact in itself. As if it’s a miracle of nature that adapted a species into underwater. I know there are Whales, Beavers, Seals and Penguins, But not a one with a stature of a “Hippo!” Like a Rhino running on its belly with ability to go underwater and a sharp massive Fang teeth jaw to severely cause damage and challenge to other predators. Crocs, Lions, Sharks pose no challenge to the ever so chubby buddy like a Hippo!


It has a huge massive body and can either go either underwater or roam the land with predators. They grow 9.5 ft to a massive14 ft in length and weigh around | Male: 1,600 to 4,500 kg : Female 1,300 to 3,200kg (Massive size)

Fighting with them is brutal for any predator! Lol!

Hippo Fights a Crocodile

Their massive size allows them to be imposing challenge against other animals and predators of the African wildlife such as the crocodiles, lions, hyenas, Buffalos, Zebras etc.

And they have a Massive Jaw with wide long sharp teeth that can severely damage any other species; grows irregularly and the hind rows of teeth which are sharp, grow in sequence, with a Gashy sharp bite comparison against predators. They have a snout like croc with similar rowed serated teeth, as if nature is playing games of contrast with reptilian predators. lol

I think its irregularity is somewhat related to rodents (maybe), although its not that it is a genus of rodent; that how its long teeth grow irregular shape, sizes. half and sometimes twisted and varied.

Hippo is known as Horse or “Hippo” from Greek and “Potamus” meaning River — Translates to River Horse! More often seen in some rodents, they have teeth like those which sometimes take a irregular shape and twists, But I’ll give it a pass however it is. So, a Horse that has sharp teeth that can bite the shit out of Crocodiles and sharks. Lol

Thirdly: It is dangerous to both animals and humans and can’t be defeated by any crocodile or any fanged ferocious predator like Lion, Tiger, and Leapord. as Hippo’s Big fangs are much more severely damaging bite to any other species on the land or underwater! YAY so other predators stay the heck away from it! Fearsome!

Fourthly; It’s a Territorial Animal with deep protectiveness

for its own territory and savagely protects it, not to fight, but to protect it.

And Ahoy… it’s a Vegetarian!!

I used to think maybe these creature eat some sort of fish or prey in its waters, or on land, As you see its only a Vegetarian that eats some seaweed or herbs and that’s why, birds feel safe on its back!

These cute chubby looking creatures have a Roundy appearance that resembles an eclairs! Lol :D

hese features make the Hippopotami and invincible kind of creature. AS it opens its massive padded mouth, runs away other creatures out of fear!!

It’s a strictly territorial chub bud with no fear. It kind of like, balances the equation between predators and herbivorous land dwellers, like buffalos, crocodiles, lions, hyenas , zebras, AS if its there to serve a big purpose to fill out the balance of equation. It’s an Amphibian.

Man I salute, inspire, and respect these Massive Fighters. And like to write more about them on my research. Just a side note:

This is what I wrote on the Sketching app Madibeng while drawing a Hippopotamus.

This is called a Hippopotamus:-

* A mammal who dwells in the saltwater river and looks nothing less than enormous beast with arrow of sharp teeth and fangs of its own.

* Its a direct competition of Crocodile who’re considered the ferocious predators of the rivers with hunting skills.

* Looking upon the body features of this amphibian mammal, thought comes to mind how nature did such a adaptation of this mammal into something Gigantic and ferocious herbivor in stark contrast to predators that have rows of sharp teeth.

*Having a body resembling Eclairs and gigantic head they hunt and fish underwater But they’re Herbivorous!

*Looking at their teeth, they have an irregularity in the growth of their teeth. its more like rodenty because they possess more irregular shape and size growth of teeth on either right or left side, sometime only one jaw, sometimes both,
Similarity with rats who Rats, who need to constantly keep chewing to grind their teeth level to . Its a sleek observation.

* Comparing Crocodile and Hippo side by side you see both have a row of teeth on their snout, as compared to interlocking teeth of Crocs, they have a padding in their mouth that’s fleshier and possess equal teeth inside.

* If you see a video of a hippopotamus, who’s defending its young from a Crocodile, its jaw size are formidably bigger than the rest and larger ones (fangs) can create severe damage to the croc , as compared to regular evenly sized serrated teeth of croc. It’s a formidable rival of the predators.

*This is what interests me the most, it looks so cute, like a chubby eclair who happen to be funny reason for all fun and excitement. Walks so rhino like on four legs, with grace.

* Although It looks more like a RHINO! Which possessed the talent to submerge underwater and live as an amphibian, who somehow adapted to the natural saltwater environment, they co-exist with all the other species of African jungles like crocodiles, lions, water buffalos, Leopards, etc.

* I mean we used to think that, when we talk about most ferocious predators of African subcontinent what comes first to mind was African Feline teeth, Crocodilians or Hyenas. No one ever take a look at how a Hippo Jaw is so big ghastly teeth that can grip the shit out of a lion.

* Its fun and adventurous to see how nature works to make a magnificent species that usually saw insignificant but when I stumbled upon, became very interesting to find.

And it’s intriguing how nature fits into its equation a formidable rival of greatest predators of African jungles as balance between battle equation to become an intermediary. I mean how it is there to balance and funny thing its birds feel safe sitting peacefully.

* I don’t know if hippos are vegetarian or Non-vegetarian whatever they eat on land or underwater, they are more formidable with those massive jaws that compensate for the bite force of Crocs, sharks and other creatures. And also intimidate a SHARK! :D

* And most importantly not that they’re interested in causing any grave trouble by themselves, they’re just territorial who protect their young ones. Cool!

  • Love Africa!!

So this I wrote a brief overview not realizing the ‘horse’ of the Hippo aspect but want to make sure it’s thorough.

- Sandeep Singh

I love nature and Exploration, for a better world. A deep insight into spiritual, scientific and creative aspects of Universe. have fun creating something