A subtle connection of Sci-Fi movie, Ancient mythology and its depictions.

Science — Spiritualism | separation Vs Unity

The Theory of Space Time Notion v/s Entity

Photo by Christian Lischka on Unsplash

If you read my article on Moon-Life is Unconventional, Mars Moon-Phobos and its Geomagnetic field and Earth, the Engine of Life — in a straight sequence, then…

The Sphere — The Bubble — The Engine of Life |

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Engine of Life —

Mars: Satellite

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Health and Nature — healing from Society

Observations on the mighty Hippopotamus of the African Wild!


Seeing Earth bulge through Polar Route — from Emirates

Singh Artist

I love nature and Exploration, for a better world. A deep insight into spiritual, scientific and creative aspects of Universe. have fun creating something

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